Due to their length the boat hooks are for collection only at the moment until we can find a carrier that is reasonably priced

Email received out of the blue from a customer, Mike from Blandford  Forum (9/8/10):

 "Hi.  Well it certainly does what it's supposed to do.
Had it a couple of years now and would feel insecure using a standard lightweight boat hook with the plastic end! ... A very good buy ...

Do you have problems with your boat hook picking up a buoy?

with the
 Exe Buoy Hook
No Problem!

This popular boat hook, the Exe Buoy Hook, is individually handmade in Devon.  It is constructed so that the hook slips easily through the handle of your pick-up buoy or, if your buoy does not have a handle, you can pick up the chain or rope underneath.  The Hooks are of fixed length so they are always ready to use.

Three Lengths available:

1.2m  - suitable for ribs, tenders and shallow
            freeboard boats 

1.7m  - standard length for the average boat owner

2.2m  - for the big boat owner/commercial fishermen

The Exe Buoy Hook:



      v   Floats

      v   Has a one piece aluminium handle

      v   Has a 316 grade polished stainless steel hook (i.e. non 

      v   Is Strong and durable

      v   3 lengths: 1.2m, 1.7m, and 2.2m

      v   Is Lightweight (apx 700mg for the standard length)

      v   Is vinyl coated

      v   Has non-slip foam grips
      v   Will not chip easily

      v   Is easy to use